WTA produces fully evaluated publications, delivered on electronic or written platforms. These offer new ways to support awareness-raising about specific issues, engaging young people in innovative ways that encourage them to develop action plans to have local impact on a particular issue. The activity packs are based around:

· Topics, such as climate change, biodiversity.

· Locations, such as a nature reserve or habitat.


Some examples of our achievements are included below. Click on the link in each section to find out more information, or contact us for a discussion about how we could help you:

The site packs are aimed at interpreting a specific location for visitors, and optimize the available features of the location in a series of lesson-length sessions. The packs are complete with lesson plans, teacher / group leader instructions and worksheets for use on site.

Activity packs

Site packs—to interpret a location

The topic activity packs bring specific issues to life for young people to engage with. The activity packs are a complete resource, containing teacher / group leader instructions and lesson plans, as well as sheets for the young people to use to document their learning.

Topic packs-on specific issues

To contact us:

Telephone: +44 (0)1223 208718 or +44 (0)7952 824467

Email: web@wtaeducationservices.com




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