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The CoRWM Consultation


The options proposed by CoRWM for public consideration were:

 Option 1: Long-term interim storage

 Option 2: Deep geological disposal

 Option 3: Phased deep geological disposal

The consultation was undertaken with young people in 15 schools in Bedfordshire and Luton, consulting over 1300 of their peers and family members. The process allowed them to develop their understanding of radioactive waste and the relative importance of the criteria that CoRWM used to assess options for the long term management of such waste.

Overall the young people participating developed an understanding of the criteria and the provided a series of ranked criteria and suggestions that indicate clear themes and issues for CoRWM to consider. The final ranking and comments on the themes identified indicate that we have to consider how young people have interpreted some of the criteria. There was a clear and consistent message that young people feel some form of deep geological management is preferable. The closing conference provided an important opportunity for CoRWM members and the Chairman to test and validate the views of young people.


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Young people in Bedfordshire and Luton

Committee on Radioactive Waste Management

Students from participating schools at the closing conference

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