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As part of the UNEP long-term strategy to strengthen the engagement and involvement of children and youth in environmental issues, UNEP uses a number of platforms to support and build the capacities of youth groups to make meaningful contributions in the development and implementation of environmental policies and programmes. One such avenue is the Tunza regional youth conferences that bring together young environmentalists from around Europe annually to share and learn from each anotherís experiences and ideas on community-based environmental actions.

The UNEP Regional Office for Europe planned and prepared for the 2013 conference by directly involving WTA in a mapping exercise to identify, review and connect other youth organizations and networks working on youth development issues, and strengthen links and collaboration. The mapping exercise focussed on:

 How youth participation is being made a core principle of sustainable development.

 What is needed to strengthen youth participation in sustainable development issues.

 The tools and means needed for enhancing and encouraging youth participation by young people as part of the broader sustainability agenda.

 How to further promote the UNEP children and youth mandate.

The results of this mapping exercise was shared and discussed at the 2013 Tunza European Youth Conference held in Waterweil (Munich), Germany from 6 to 8 December 2013. In addition to the findings and recommendations of the mapping exercise, the participants had an opportunity to discuss a range of environment sustainability issues, including Rio+20 outcomes and follow up processes, human rights and the environment, youth in the post-2015 agenda/SDGs, environment and health, green economy and enterprises, and sustaining active youth participation.

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