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Food Waste Consultation

Young People in Aylesbury Vale and Luton

DEFRA Waste Evidence Programme


The project was designed to gather insight into young people’s understanding, attitudes, motivations, and barriers to community participation in kitchen waste kerbside collections. Local authority representatives in Aylesbury Vale District Council and Luton Borough Council and other Steering Committee members identified the project outcomes as:

· Consultations of potential national and local strategy during the formulation of policy providing a youth perspective on effective mechanisms.

· Monitoring of activity in relation to minimisation, recycling and waste in schools that have taken part in this work.

· Development of a Youth Board in Luton, and the monitoring of its work perhaps linked to a consultation project being developed in Luton asking how young people can contribute further towards waste minimisation and reduction.

· How young people can contribute towards waste minimisation and reduction.


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A Poem by Christopher Horwood

Putteridge High School, Luton

Have you thought what becomes of our waste food?

As quite a lot of this poem will conclude,

You just throw it all into your black bin,

Never thinking what happens to that unopened tin.


What do you do with your leftover fruit?

Does it go down the rubbish chute?

You could always recycle, recycle the lot,

By throwing it away and leaving it to rot.


Why bother throwing away your clothes?

When they can always break down and decompose.

Landfill sites are getting full to the brim,

So start recycling or our future will be dim.


If you knew the challenge that we face,

You would do something with your waste.

We have to act now, before it is too late,

Or we are left with a horrible fate.

Participants conferences were held at Aylesbury Civic Centre and Luton Sixth Form College

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