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Our approach provided an opportunity for young people to help prepare practical plans for overcoming barriers to involvement in education or learning programmes. This process focused on groups of young people who were gifted and talented or disadvantaged and excluded. It was our aim to engage these young people within their school or wider communities through raising their self-confidence and improving relations between them and other groups within their communities.

We worked with students to mentor them through researching the issue, including developing a questionnaire to gather information from fellow students, and produce a Student Report to present to the school management team. This extract from one of the Student Reports illustrates what the approach can achieve.

School Topics in Secondary Schools

Overcoming barriers to involvement in education

For secondary schools

Extract from a Student Report

We think that learning is a very important part of our lives, as it prepares us for the future. Without learning we would not be where we are today. People wouldn’t be able to make money for food and homes without education. For example: Bill Gates (the founder of Microsoft), as without his education we wouldn’t even be able to do this project.

Our project is all about finding out from students what they think learning is all about and what good learning is. We wanted to find out what are the good points and the bad points about learning in our school, so that it can be improved.

We would like to help the teachers and also improve the school’s GCSE results.  We have come up with some ideas that could benefit our school, which we hope you will listen to us because:

· We think that learning is a large part of your life and you use skills that you learn from school in your everyday life.

· The results of our questionnaires are important because the more information we get from other students, the more we can help to make their learning better.

From our perspective, we need to learn because it will help us to get a job and be successful in life. We think learning is about teaching life skills, as well as social and emotional aspects of living, expanding knowledge and making use of it. We think that learning:

· Teaches you what is needed to get a job and be successful in life.

· Expands your knowledge and how to make use of it.

· Prepares you so that when you leave school and college, you’re ready for life.

· Makes your life easier in the future.

· Expands your talent.

· Helps you be successful in life so you don’t get overwhelmed by the adult world.

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