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The Department for International Development (DFID) commissioned Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick to undertake environmental consultancy services in connection with “Strengthening Environmental Management Systems in Tomsk Oblast, Russia, CNTR 99 8326A”. WTA were engaged to deliver the raising public awareness of environmental issues. This work centred on two visits to Tomsk in 2000, which are summarised here.


Scoping visit

The initial visit to Tomsk in April 2000 was needed to:

· Assess existing strategies for raising public awareness and promoting environmental awareness.

· Involve local people in an understanding of the local efforts and benefits of environmental managements.

· Provide assistance to develop new and innovative approaches to environmental education.

· Identify where the state Ecological Committee could best be involved in the project.

· Provide technical assistance to carry out the Committee’s role and responsibilities by engaging local people.


Follow-up visit

The follow-up visit in December 2000 allowed the progress on these tasks to be monitored and plans made for future integration of the outcomes:

· Questionnaire development; distribution and analysis.

· Assessment of current initiatives.

· Creation of a focus group.

· Development of a network database.

· Development and implementation of group member training programme.

· Establish a Centre.

· Development of international relations.

· Development of stakeholder trust and support.

· Creation of communication media.

· A series of proposals to enable communication with stakeholders.

Raising awareness of environmental issues

In Tomsk Oblast, Siberia, Russia

For Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick

Project CNTR 99 832 6A

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