We’ve developed, written, edited and laid out many activity packs and teacher guides on different science topics and young people’s participation. Examples include:

· The Carbon Calculator: examining the carbon cycle and calculate carbon footprints

· The Water Cycle Challenge: looking at the environment through the water cycle

· The Balsa Wood Challenge: investigating floating, sinking and other forces

· Volvo Ocean Adventure: exploring the oceans via the Volvo Round the World Yacht Race

· Science Club Activities: a range of session-length activities

· Science Week Activities: a series of half-day activities

· The Science of Slime: creating slime from simple ingredients and investigating its properties

· Dragonfly Day: learning all about dragonflies and their environment

· Grasshopper Breeding: how to help grasshoppers to thrive

· Hydroponics: exploring the characteristics of algae cells

· School Water Use: developing plans for reducing school water use

· The Green Sock Culture: understanding algae and underwater plants

· The Tulgren Funnel: how to examine minibeasts in soil

· Wildlife Olympics: encouraging wildlife in schools grounds

· Principles of Public Participation: involving young people

· Agenda 21: exploring what this means for young people

· Get Down and Dirty Debating Guide: environmental issues

· Rights of the Child: the UN treaty and young people

· Life Processes and Cell Activity: investigating life at cell level

· Electricity and Magnetism: exploring electrons, protons and magnetic fields

· The Adaptation Kit: geological time and the processes of adaptation

· Expedition Planning: your guide to getting ready to go!

· Yacht Design: looking at why things float or sink & designing a simply model yacht

· Backyard Biodiversity: contributing to biodiversity through a wildlife garden project

· Designing a Sensory Garden: creating gardens for the senses

· Waste Action: developing action plans for reducing waste

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