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The Introducing Sustainable Development leaflet was produced in 2007 for the Scottish Qualifications Authority. It was written by WTA Education Services as an outline for unit writers, so that they could think about and promote sustainable development when developing qualifications.

The leaflet outlines what the key policies mean, and provides a simple suggestions on how to include sustainable development in their writing. It is based on the three pillars of sustainable development:

 Social impacts and actions in your community and everybody elses. The scale of this can be global. For example trade in one commodity such as chocolate could lead to the ability for a community in Africa to grow its own food. It could be more local such as where does the rubbish go?

 Economic here there are taxes, legislation and opportunities to turn environmental or sustainable development to either save money or create new business.

 Ecological the one where everything seems to have started with animals and plants becoming endangered or extinct, impacts of pollution and our emissions changing natural systems we all rely on for clean air, water and food.


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Introducing Sustainable Development

An outline for unit writing teams

For the Scottish Qualifications Authority

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