Weíve developed, written, edited and laid out many activity packs and teacher guides to different site-based topics. Examples include:

 The Waterways Challenge: exploring the natural world of canals through hands-on activities

 The Davy Down Teacherís Pack: exploring three different habitats: woodland, meadows, and wetland

 The London Wildlife Trust Wildlife Challenge: introducing nature conservation through school grounds

 Really Wild Teacherís pack: set of activities exploring Randallís Farm Environmental Education Centre

 Dagenham Churchyard Pack: interpreting local history and wildlife contained within the churchyard

 Climate Change Challenge Goes to Wales: guide to two days of activities at an eco-centre in Wales

 Interpreting the Centre for Alternative Technology for a weekend visit

 East Waste Cascade: investigating a landfill site, how it is made and operated

 Getting to Grips with School Grounds: developing action plans for your school grounds

 Manchester Indicators Project: giving young people a voice in their communityís development

 Site Scavenger Hunt: building a map from what you find in the environment

 Squash and Stick Minibeasts Survey: identifying the minibeasts in a wildlife area

 Squash and Stick Tree Survey: identifying the trees in an area

 Tree Trail in Marston Vale: exploring the woodland in Marston Vale

 Water Vole Breeding Project: contributing to a project reintroducing the water vole

 Weather Watch: gathering and interpreting weather data

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