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Summary of the Volvo Ocean Adventure & Ocean Challenge

WTA developed the “Volvo Ocean Challenge”: the environmental education elements of the Volvo Ocean Adventure for Volvo, and launched the programme as part of their sponsorship of the race. The Volvo Ocean Adventure was a free web-based environmental education programme for young people, designed to educate, excite, stimulate and motivate them to see how they can have a positive impact on the environment through their own actions. It led to the establishment of the UNEP Volvo Partnership – the Volvo Adventure – in 2002, which has been run every year since, encouraging young people to take action to improve their local communities.

The aims of the Volvo Ocean Challenge were:

· to educate using exciting classroom activities, helping young people better understand their local and global environment;

· to encourage lively discussion and positive action to preserve our environment, and

· to provide comprehensive materials that can be used for environmental education in the classroom online or in a paper based format.

Data collected by equipment on the yachts competing in the Volvo Ocean Race provided insights into the changing colours of the world’s oceans and data for Southampton Oceanographic Centre, who co-ordinated input from other oceanographic institutes around the world. Saturn Solutions supplied environmental monitoring instrumentation, measuring ocean colour and temperature.

Each yacht was equipped with an instrument package to measure sea surface temperature and ocean colour. This data was transmitted several times a day to the Southampton Oceanography Centre in England and forwarded to NASA’s SeaWiFs (Sea-Viewing Wide Field Sensor) Project, where it was combined with recent satellite data.  The data collected by the yachts could be used to validate and calibrate satellite information and provided an increasingly global environmental data set.

NASA participated by providing satellite data of the ocean regions being traversed by the racing yachts. The SeaWiFS Global Ocean Colour Monitoring Mission provided environmental research content, images and near real-time maps of ocean colour of wherever the eight yachts were in the world’s oceans throughout the nine months of the race.

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