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All of our Youth Consultations and Award Programmes feature an end-point conference, where the young people present their projects to stakeholders and decision-makers. These showcase events offer a unique opportunity for real discussions to take place and for the young peopleís voice to be heard.

The service we offer includes:

 Developing the programme with stakeholders.

 Structuring the event so that there is time for young people to present their findings to stakeholders.

 Researching suitable venues, liaising with venue managers.

 Briefing stakeholders and decision-makers.

 Producing tailored delegate materials, badges and other branding opportunities.

 Sourcing and managing cost-effective and appropriate catering.

 Ensuring publicity is available, and that safeguarding policies are followed, regardless of the venue.

 Facilitating the event so that it runs smoothly and to time.

 Managing the event onsite.

 Producing a report of the outcomes, including a Young Personís Report and a report for stakeholders.

Consultation & Award Programme Conferences

Events bringing young people and decision-makers together

Giving young people a voice

CoRWM project conference

Hull Guildhall, Kingswood project conference

Food Waste Conference at Luton Sixth Form College

The Skills Factor first final at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Piccadilly, London

Food Waste Conference at the Aylesbury Civic Centre

To contact us:

Telephone: +44 (0)1223 208718 or +44 (0)7952 824467

Email: web@wtaeducationservices.com




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