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Coetir Mynydd was preparing for a community consultation on the design plan for Parc y Bwlch forest with Forestry Commission Wales, Coed y Mynydd district, (FCW). This conifer block bordered the village and had just started to be felled and restocked. The forest resources in the area are part of the landscape and are used for a variety of purposes by the local community.

The revisions for the management of the forest for timber (commercial use) were being reviewed and FCW indicated they would like to consult with local communities on the Design Plan (plans for felling, landscape amelioration and restocking). The forest has been heavily used for recreation, with increasing specialist recreational development in the forest, interest in greater economic returns to the local economy from the forest as well as institution of management which can increase biodiversity values.


This project involved young people providing inputs to their communities’ submission to the FCW consultation on Parc y Bwlch.  It was originally planned as a test of a means of eliciting general community views on the forest which could have relevance to other communities and FCW. The  approach selected involved under-represented groups of young people, with local youth workers developing and adapting the techniques to local circumstances, supported by practitioners with experience of introducing the techniques and handling data produced by young people. Initial indications suggest the method could be further adapted for other communities.

The project aim was to provide an opportunity for young people to volunteer to help elicit local opinions and uses of the forest for submission to the public consultation on new development plans for the local FCW forest.

Consultation of the local community was undertaken by involving groups who are not normally given a voice, and who have access to all sectors of the community – with a mentor and project worker involved in the process to ensure the data collected was robust.

The project used an action competence methodology to involve young people in forest management planning. The methodology drew on the experience of WTA Education Services in developing and involving young people in environmental consultations, the Agenda 21 process and developing presentations as part of local authority strategies.


Parc y Bwlch Forest Consultation

A community consultation on forest use

Coetir Mynydd Woodland Community Group

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