WTA worked with science teachers to develop a programme of activities to enrich and extend the National Curriculum. 

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We have a proven track record of working with organisations to build activity programmes and extend these to meet new objectives, and increase the organisation’s capacity. Whether for NGOs, local government, businesses, or schools, in the UK or elsewhere, we have given key input into how activities can be developed which will help the organisation to provide a better service, reach a new audience, or simply build on what is already there.


Some examples of our achievements are included below. Click on the link in each section to find out more information, or contact us for a discussion about how we could help you:

Programme building

WTA developed the “Volvo Ocean Challenge”: the environmental education activities for the Volvo Ocean Adventure. The success of these activities part of the Volvo Ocean Adventure was built upon to develop the environmental award programme the Volvo Adventure.

The Volvo Ocean Adventure education programme

School science programmes

Initially designed by WTA to develop ways of engaging school pupils with recycling issues, the programme was developed into a five-year project covering the age range 3 to 18 years, involving young people from settings as diverse as playgroups to youth groups, and all types of schools in between.

Waste Action Project programme

WTA developed the programme of activities to optimise the facilities offered at an environmental education centre.

Environmental Education Centre programme

WTA evaluated the 3-year project run in the Luton area, assessing the impacts of the tracking and profiling of the performance of pupils triggering interventions at transition stages across the 3-16 age range between Key Stages, year groups and schools and identifying the impacts and innovations of the Transition Trailblazer Project implementation.

Evaluation of education projects

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