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The Illinois Foundry for Innovation in Engineering Education (iFoundry) at the University of Illinois (USA) invited Wayne Talbot to run workshops at Pontiac Township High School for over 250 students. The students were asked about the positives and negatives of biodiversity, and looked at what issues concerned them the most, and how these affected them personally, in their community, and at national and international levels. The students were mentored through producing a report of their research, which forms part of the case studies on the Convention for Biodiversity.

The event was publicized by the local press, with the Pontiac Daily Leader’s journalist Luke Smucker on November 29th 2012. Click here to see the article.

Students at Pontiac Township High School

Illinois, USA

Wayne Talbot working with PTHS students

Photo courtesy of the Pontiac Daily Leader

Brian Hitchins, an earth and general science teacher at the school, said after seeing the students working, he has been inspired with new teaching ideas.

“By looking at them, it seems like they are enjoying thinking about something new. They are used to thinking about how an issue might affect themselves or their families, but now they are being asked to think globally and part of our mission is to inspire global thinkers.”

Extract from student PowerPoint presentations on biodiversity

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