Over 250 students were asked about the positives and negatives of biodiversity, and looked at what issues concerned them the most, and how these affected them personally, in their community, and at national and international levels.


We have experience of organising and facilitating a wide variety of themed workshops for young people and adults at various levels, and a wide experience of working with treaties and their application at local, national and regional level. We have extensive experience of facilitating discussions within a range of cultural settings, as diverse as Russia, Ecuador and Malaysia, to find a way for people with a variety of language skills to communicate effectively and openly. We use relevant tools such as social media functions, and create collaborative statements and documents enabling everyone to see and contribute to single documents as the event progresses.

This has included:

· Facilitating sessions on intergenerational education at international conferences.

· Workshops for teachers and group leaders on using our results-based method to research issues.

· Facilitating sessions where young people disengaged or unhappy with their own education can provide realistic feedback on a variety of issues.

· Chairing meetings between stakeholders, dealing with specific issues.

· Running effective discussion groups, providing clear outcomes for stakeholders.

We also arrange conferences for projects, where participants can showcase their research findings and discuss them with relevant decision makers. We source cost-effective venues, arrange logistics and publicity, provide reception services and delegate materials, and facilitate the event to ensure that stakeholder objectives are achieved.

A few examples of our achievements are included below. Click on the link in each section to find out more information, or contact us for a discussion about how we could help you:


International conferences

Wayne Talbot has facilitated workshops at international events for UNEP, UNESCO and IUCN to discuss communication policy issues, specific environmental initiatives and reach consensus that feeds into policy. He has facilitated the smooth running of the UNEP Tunza conferences for young people.

A workshop for teachers, group leaders and youth workers to develop a strategy for engaging young people in specific topics, whether in a learning setting or outside it. The workshop introduces the action competence methodology and allows participants to design action plans to apply it within their own educational context.

Action Competence for Teachers and Group Leaders

Biodiversity workshops at Pontiac Township High School, USA

Organisational changes can create tensions and challenges within teams of people who are expected to restructure their work to accommodate new demands from their organisation. We provide a service which is neutral and results-focussed to facilitate the introduction of change, so that the people involved feel more engaged.

A workshop about developing strategies for raising awareness about particular issues, and then giving people a voice in issues that concern them. The workshop includes introducing the action competence methodology and builds action plans for applying it within the local context.

Change Management

Approaches to Public Participation

Our Youth Consultations and Award Programmes feature an end-point conference, where the young people present their work to stakeholders and decision-makers. These showcase events offer a unique opportunity for real discussions to take place and for the young people’s voice to be heard.

Consultation & Award Programme Conferences

To contact us:

Telephone: +44 (0)1223 208718 or +44 (0)7952 824467

Email: web@wtaeducationservices.com




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UNEP directly involved WTA in a mapping exercise to indentify, review and connect other youth organizations and networks working on youth development issues, and strengthen links and collaboration.

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