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WTA work with science teachers to develop a programme of activities to enrich and extend the National Curriculum in a range of settings, including:

· Science Clubs: Extending the curriculum and providing activates to engage students in science who need further challenges appraise to their interests and skills to help engage them in the subject. This has included activities on topics as diverse as: Building Robots;  Life Processes and Cell Activity; Humans as Organisms; Green Plants as Organisms; Variation, Classification and Inheritance; Living things in their environment; Classifying Materials; Changing Materials; Electricity and Magnetism; Forces and Motion; Light and sound; The Earth and Beyond; Energy resource and transfer.

· Activity days and support activities enabling schools to design gardens and wildlife areas to enhance their students’ environment and learning experience, making trees in halls or developing simple ways to enable ecology or biology to be taught in a hall or school ground, in one case where only one tree existed on the site.

· Workshops for students identified as “gifted and talented” to stretch and test their thought process for planetary systems such as electromagnetic spectrum, water cycling, climate systems and carbon cycles.

Sets of curriculum-extending activities

For science clubs, schools, youth groups

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