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WTA Education Services developed the programme of activities to optimise the facilities offered at an environmental education centre. Initiatives included:

· The development of ecological mentoring and data capture for pupils with behavioural, physical and mental barriers to learning. These sessions were timed to reflect the groups requirements in terms of timing and adaptation of equipment and techniques to enable fully inclusive participation in monitoring local ecology in woodlands, ponds and grasslands.

· Developing programmes for monitoring seasonal change in a variety of habitats. The creation of weather stations and other equipment for young people to use either at home or in schools. The monitoring programmes included off site complementary activities enabling schools to take part when travel to centres was limited.

· Youth Action programmes meant working with young people on practical issues such as installing a pump; this resulted in the young people receiving an award from Youth Clubs UK for their innovative work. These young people had opportunities to be involved in grounds maintenance and developing their own skills, confidence and team work through practical activity linked to the site development such as willow weaving, pond clearance or tree planting. Each of these included the youth team devising different promotion strategies, that included a ‘design a maze’ competition sent to secondary schools and colleges.

Developing outdoor education programmes

Helping to optimise the surroundings

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