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Local Authorities and Councils across the United Kingdom are actively trying to develop links and meaningful dialogue with their constituents. The department responsible for environmental matters and Agenda 21 were keen to consult with young people to develop a Waste Strategy for Bedfordshire. This project aimed to explore how best to involve them.

Whilst adults were already included through focus groups and the training of key local people in consensus building, it was recognised that young people had not been given the same access. It was also recognised that there was a problem involving young people who may not have the background knowledge or experience to have direct input into council policy.

Action competence created a focus for extension work based upon age-appropriate activities, which created more dialogue with parents, in which the children had gone home and insisted on recycling and sorting waste. This dialogue led to further discussion and questions concerning recycling and how it is done within Bedfordshire.

The programme was developed into a five-year project covering the age range 3 to 18 years, involving young people from settings as diverse as playgroups to youth groups, and all types of schools in between.

Artwork for

The Waste Action Project produced by Anna Caddick of Daisy Chain Art, Royston

Engaging young people in Bedfordshire

For Bedfordshire County Council & South Bedfordshire District Council

Annual reports for the 5-year project

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County Hall Bedford, venue for the annual project conferences  for participants to present their findings

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