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Often the best consultations of a community involve getting a different perspective that either endorses or identifies new features. We have a proven track record in engaging with communities in the UK and abroad to examine their views about a relevant issue. Working with and mentoring youth or community workers, or working directly with stakeholders, we have been able to:

· Provide a perspective on stakeholder views of a problem through their eyes.

· Enable participants to find a realistic understanding of the issues and help them create meaningful roles in their communities.

· Provide inter-generational dialogue and education.


Some examples of our achievements are included below. Click on the link in each section to find out more information, or contact us for a discussion about how we could help you:

A three-year collaboration in the taiga forest to support biodiversity, by identifying areas of high biodiversity value and considering the impact of new Russian forest law. The project was managed by WTA staff, liaising with UK partners and Russian partners. 

A consultation to obtain the community’s views on the design plan for Parc y Bwlch forest with the Forestry Commission, Wales. 

Biodiversity Support in Tomsk Taiga, Siberia

Parc y Bwlch Forest Consultation: North Wales

The project worked with young people at the Kingswood Academy and local primary schools to engage them in researching their peers’ views of the possible uses and development of the Kingswood site in Hull. 

Kingswood Consultation—Hull

The Department for International Development (DFID) commissioned Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick to undertake environmental consultancy services. WTA were engaged to develop and implement methods of raising public awareness of environmental issues.

Raising Awareness of Environmental Issues: Tomsk, Siberia

Community consultations

WTA developed a concept for a project to help conserve snow leopards and other endangered species by consulting with community groups who do not yet see the benefits of preserving them. This included visits to the potential project site, meetings with the project partners, and a two-day planning workshop with all major stakeholders.

Snow Leopard conservation: Russian/Mongolian border

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