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UK project partners

 The Tree Councilís Director-General gave strategic direction.

 WTA Education Services developed the concept and managed the bid for Darwin Funding, provided project leadership and administration to ensure that the projectís objectives were achieved.

 The British Trust for Ornithology advised on ecological issues relating to taiga bird populations, and Dr Robert Fuller, who is a world expert on the monitoring of forest birds, advised on survey and monitoring techniques in conjunction with Dr Chris Hewson. Dr Fuller took part in survey and monitoring work in the 2005 first fieldwork expedition to Russia to assist Tomsk State University to develop the best possible monitoring techniques for Red Data Book bird species and habitats. He has helped to train Russian and UK scientists and students to use these monitoring techniques with particular reference to identifying areas for protection under FSC certification. The BTO have been conducting data analysis on the transect results. Dr Hewson accompanied the UK student team on the 2007 fieldwork expedition.

 Traidcraft provided market research into sustainable non-timber forest products, focussing on pine nuts and birch bark products, using their knowledge of fair trade product marketing to research potential markets in the UK and elsewhere for sustainable forest products produced by communities in the taiga.

 Cambridge University Expedition Society provided access to student volunteers for monitoring and survey work with Tomsk State University. The students (at both degree and PhD levels) contributed ideas and skills, received training, and raised their own funds for travel and subsistence. Funds were donated by many organisations, including: the Royal Geographical Society, the Gilchrist Fund, the Panton Trust, the Robert Daglish Fund, The Fredrick Soddy Trust, David Richards Travel Scholarship, the Worts Travelling Scholars Fund, Girton College, Emmanuel College. Newnham College, Peterhouse College, Trinity College, Robinson College, Fitzwilliam College, New Hall, the Cambridge European Trust and the Corporate Liaison Office.

 Taiga Rescue Network liaised with WTA Education Services to give support to the project in Russia. It is hoped that the projectís legacy can continue with new initiatives after the completion of this project.

Russia project partners

 The Institute for International Environment Safety is a state-sanctioned group of graduates and scientists working on local biodiversity issues and the activities impacting upon them. They were the lead partner in Russia, co-ordinating with Russian partner organisations and liaising with WTA in the UK.

 Tomsk Region Environment Protection Agency is responsible for monitoring, mapping and developing policy for protection of natural habitats including forests. Within TEPA there is close liaison with NGOs which include tree and forest conservation in their areas of activity. TEPA provide crucial government support for the framework leading to FSC certification, and links to national government.

 Tomsk State Forestry Agency is responsible for forest management and planting and supported steps towards FSC certification.

 Tomsk State University Department of Ecology provides the scientific knowledge to run fieldwork to support state data collection on flora and fauna. Tomsk State University were responsible for the monitoring and development of survey techniques, and in developing international cooperation with the British Trust for Ornithology and students from Cambridge University.

 Tomsk Ecological Studentís Inspection is a student-run organisation enforcing state laws concerning illegal logging and hunting. TESI and its members have played an active role in the development of survey and monitoring techniques, under supervision from TSU.

 Pricebatch (Altai-UK) Ltd is a commercial organisation which has been instrumental in gaining FSC certification for forests in the nearby Altai region and provided advice and support on FSC certification and export of forest products.

 Oblcomnature is a former state organisation, providing environmental information for organisations and individuals and working with other NGOs such as Windrose in developing general environmental awareness campaigns.

 Tomsk City Ecological Committee and the Department of Local Management for the City of Tomsk have a role in organising environmental activity within Tomsk city, where 80% of the population of the Oblast (region) live. The latter is a municipal authority department that supports activities of NGOs. They actively supported the development of School Forest Organisations as part of the projectís aims to raise awareness of the value of the forest.


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